Local Overdose Alert! from MD Hospital Association

DEA Warns of Local Overdose Outbreak


MHA is sending you this alert to notify you of the following message sent just before 2 p.m. this afternoon from the local arm of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency; please forward to those on your team that need to see it. In addition, DHMH Deputy Secretary Howard Haft notes the department is “aware that carfentanyl overdoses have occurred in Pennsylvania. It is not clear what the actual substance was in these cases.”


From DEA:



Please be aware that there were 7 heroin/opioid overdoses in the past two hours in Westminster, MD.  Several of the victims related the locations where they purchased the potent drugs:  near the Billie Holiday statue in west Baltimore, Monroe Street, Lexington Street, and Randallstown, MD.  Please task your sources about this outbreak.  If you have information concerning this event, please notify me and your local police agency.

Charles W. (Buck) Hedrick
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
Group Supervisor
Baltimore Intelligence Group
(410) 244-3444 (O)
(410) 365-3779 (M)

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