Coming Soon!!!!!

The Maryland Behavioral Health Administration and the University of Maryland, School of Medicine will be offering free, online training for potential Peer Recovery Specialists as well as re-certification training for individuals already working in this field. All of the training modules will include PowerPoint presentations and interviews with key experts in the field, and role-plays that will demonstrate skills being discussed. The modules will be provided for free and CEU’s towards certification and re-certification will be available. Please visit  for more information.

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6 Responses to Coming Soon!!!!!

  1. Valerie Daniels says:

    Yes I do

  2. Valerie Daniels says:

    Me Valerie Daniels? Yes I do

  3. Great to hear you will be offering online trainings! Thanks!

  4. Valerie Daniels says:

    I’m interested in becoming certified as a peer recovery specialist asap.

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