Coming Soon!!!!!

The Maryland Behavioral Health Administration and the University of Maryland, School of Medicine will be offering free, online training for potential Peer Recovery Specialists as well as re-certification training for individuals already working in this field. All of the training modules will include PowerPoint presentations and interviews with key experts in the field, and role-plays that will demonstrate skills being discussed. The modules will be provided for free and CEU’s towards certification and re-certification will be available. Please visit  for more information.

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13 Responses to Coming Soon!!!!!

  1. Isaiah Johnso says:

    Hello! I am Interested in receiving this free training and becoming a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist ASAP. I live and work in Baltimore MD.

  2. Brenda Blackwell says:

    When will there be trainings for Ethics, Advocacy, WRAP, and Mentoring and Education be coming again????

  3. Darryl Russell says:

    Seeking employment have finished all my training. Scheduled to take the prep test then submit my applicaton.please notify me if anyone is hiring for peer recovery specialist thank you.

  4. Kathy Stone says:

    How do I find these online classes?

    • MABPCB says:

      Use the link in the post and click the Online Training tab on that page. Scroll down to Peer Support Training. When the courses become available you’ll be able to sign up for them.

  5. Valerie Daniels says:

    Yes I do

  6. Valerie Daniels says:

    Me Valerie Daniels? Yes I do

  7. Great to hear you will be offering online trainings! Thanks!

  8. Valerie Daniels says:

    I’m interested in becoming certified as a peer recovery specialist asap.

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