CPRS Study Guide

A free IC&RC study guide has been added to the CPRS page

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13 Responses to CPRS Study Guide

  1. Brenda Blackwell says:

    I left a comment on April 5, 2017 asking if I could pay the exam 100.00 fee on the day I take the exam which is May 10th or mail it to MABPCB. It’s for the CPRS EXAM> Time is getting close .

  2. Brenda Blackwell says:

    I have already registered to take the exam. My date is set for May 10th. My $!00.00 has not been paid as of yet. Can I pay it to the people where I’m taking my test the same day or should I mail it to the board. I know it get’s made out to MABPCB.

  3. Percy Smith says:

    I was putting my application together to send off, and I have everything needed! My question is, do we have to send the application ( the way we received it) or just the pages we have to fill in or sign?

    • MABPCB says:

      Mr. Smith you only need to send the required pages and not the introductory pages of the application. Please be sure to make a copy of your complete application before mailing and send your application certified mail.

  4. Hello Darlene lewis can some one email me let me know when the next wrap traing class and were at and how much it will cost thank you lewisdarlene600atgmail.com thank you

  5. Brenda Blackwell says:

    After you register to take the exam to become a CPRS , when is the 100.00 due??

  6. Karen Haber says:

    Could you please also send this to hdhabe00@aacounty.org Thank you.Send the 📖 guide for CPRS test.

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