New Registered Peer Supervisor Guidelines & Application

New Registered Peer Supervisor (RPS) Application

Effective July 1, 2017, all Peer Supervisors are required to meet the new MABPCB Guidelines to become a Registered Peer Supervisor.  Please review the new guidelines carefully before submitting your application RPS 2017 Revised Application

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11 Responses to New Registered Peer Supervisor Guidelines & Application

  1. Scott Pendleton says:

    I am RPS and a CPRS, but I cannot attend the training on 8/25 due to work scheduling conflicts. Will there be another refresher Peer Supervisor training offered?
    Scott Pendleton

    • MABPCB says:

      Yes, the Board is in the process of identifying additional trainings across the State. Once the training schedule has been complete it will be listed on the CPRS webpage.

  2. Henry Lewis says:

    How much is the training and is it open to anyone

    • MABPCB says:

      The RPS refresher course is for individual who currently hold and RPS certification. Please review the guidelines for the Registered Peer Supervisor.

  3. Tasha jamison says:

    If we only need the refresher peer supervisor training, when do we need to take that? Within the next 2 years or now? I became registered 5/2014.

  4. Coriless Jones says:

    When are the refresher classes starting for re-certification for RPS. And where are they going to be held. It is time for me to recertify.

  5. Sharon MacDougall says:

    Do current Registered Peer Supervisors need to go through this process (completing application packet, etc.) or do we just need to take the refresher course to maintain our status as Registered Peer Supervisors?

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