Registered Peer Supervisor Refresher Course

MABPCB is providing a Registered Peer Supervisor 6 hour training course, that will take place on November 17, 2017 at Penn North Resource Ctr.  The training is designed for individuals who currently possess RPS status.  This training is required for all RPS in order to keep their supervision status active. In order to register for this training please click the link provided.  Peer Supervisor Refresher Course 11-17-17

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15 Responses to Registered Peer Supervisor Refresher Course

  1. Regina Allen clayburn says:

    I want to be a peer supervisor

  2. Arthur Mallory says:

    When is the next: PEER SUPERVISOR TRAINING?

    • MABPCB says:

      Greetings, please review the UPCOMING TRAINING section of the CPRS webpage to identify upcoming training for Registered Peer Supervisor.

      • Sharon MacDougall says:

        I just checked out the Upcoming Training chart and I didn’t see any Supervisor Refresher training classes in the foreseeable future. We just had one scheduled and unfortunately, it was cancelled just like the one I signed up for before this one. Do you have any idea when another one might be scheduled (near Security Blvd. was a good location, too)? By the way, if part of the problem is that there is a shortage of trainers, if I can finally take the refresher training and there is someone who can train me to be a trainer, I’d love to be able to provide more opportunities for supervisors to take their refresher training!
        Sharon MacDougall

    • Arthur Mallory says:

      From my understanding, I will need the six {6} hour training to become a Peer Supervisor. Unfortunately, I missed the last training. I would like to continue to grow already being a Certified Peer Support Specialist and my next step would be a supervisor. Can anyone please inform me of the date and time of the next class. Thank You!

  3. Sharon MacDougall says:

    To my knowledge, there still has not been a Registered Peer Supervisor refresher class scheduled in Central Maryland (Montgomery, Howard, Carroll, Frederick counties). I believe the last class was on the Eastern Shore. I paid for the class in August, 2017 and have still be unable to take the class, mostly because of the locations in which it is offered. Any idea when a class might be offered that would be closer to people who live in the above mentioned counties? Thank you.

  4. Sharon MacDougall says:

    I live in Frederick and was scheduled for the Hagerstown RPS refresher months ago. It was cancelled at the last minute. When will there be a training closer to Frederick? It is difficult for me to drive to inner city Baltimore. Thanks.

  5. melissa marker bartles says:

    I was scheduled for the refresher course in Wash Co that was cancelled on Friday 11/17/17. I have heard no word about another opportunity. I would appreciate some information about further trainings that will take place. Thank you .

    • MABPCB says:

      The next refresher course is scheduled for March 31, 2018. Please review the CPRS webpage and submit a registration form to to ensure that you will be able to transfer your funds for this upcoming training.

      • Sharon MacDougall says:

        I sent in my registration form for this refresher course on March 31. I now see an advertisement for a refresher course on March 13. Will there be a refresher course on March 31 and if so, where will it be located? Thank you.

  6. Sheri Wells says:

    Please help I am trying to becone a Peer Recovery Specialist and do not know where to begin.

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