Ethics for Counselors

MABPCB is presenting the seminar Ethics and Culture on January 13, a Saturday, just in time for recertifying CAC-ADs, CSC-ADs, and other interested professionals. The seminar will be held at Mountain Manor Westminster outpatient program and the cost is $80. Doors open at 8:30am. Course begins at 9am and completes at 4pm with an hour lunch break. This course is approved by BOPCT for renewals and by IC&RC and NAADAC. Please see the flyer below for more information and registration. This seminar is not for the peer recovery specialist.

Ethics & Culture flyer 01132018

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2 Responses to Ethics for Counselors

  1. Donna Bruce says:

    Im missing one hour of Ethical Responsibility Domain before you can be approved to take the CPRS examination. Anyone have any classes upcoming..?

    • MABPCB says:

      Mrs. Bruce if you are unable to locate a one hour training, you can always participate in an inservice given by your employer/volunteer agency.

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