The Maryland Addiction and Behavioral-health Professionals Certification Board is a private, non-partisan corporation which offers voluntary international and state level credentials to the behavioral health worker. The Board, comprised of certified and licensed professionals and peer recovery specialists throughout the state, implements standards, testing and training for certifying addiction counselors, co-occurring disorders professionals, criminal justice addictions professionals, clinical supervisors, and peer recovery specialists and their supervisors. It also approves providers of continuing education training in Maryland. Links to these documents can be found on the Certification, CPRS, and Training pages.

MABPCB is always looking for board members who can strengthen our service to behavioral health workers in the state. If you hold an IC&RC credential or you have a keen interest in what we are doing, please fill out and send this application (board-membership) to us. We promise to get back to you after our next board meeting. Meetings are usually held every other month, and sometimes more frequently as needed.

MABPCB adheres to a strict Code of Ethics for each credential. Our general code can be viewed here: MAPCB Code of Ethics 2012. Please see each credential application for its own code.

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  1. Jasmine Baker says:

    Hello my name is Jasmine Baker I wanted to know how do I go about taking the certified peer recovery specialist training thank you

  2. atara says:

    Hi. I received certification as a Drug and addiction counselor in Israel 5 years ago. The program was recognized by the IC and RC. How can I become certified here in Maryland? Or am I already?

    • MABPCB says:

      Please be advised that the present certification board where you are certified must be IC&RC affiliated to apply for reciprocity to Maryland; please consult with your board to commence the process.

  3. Sarah Walker says:

    I need help. I have tried 4 times to take the alcohol and drug counselor exam. I am a college graduate and there is something clearly wrong. I have been a counselor in training for sometime but cannot pass this test. I don’t understand why you will not return the exam so that I can see what I am doing wrong. Clearly something if I can’t even get a D and I’ve been doing this for several years. Please I need help before I lose the job all together. Your email doesn’t work. No one returns calls. I need someone to direct me, to personally review my exam to see what I am doing wrong. I have never taken a professional exam that you don’t receive your exam back if it’s a fail so that you can correct what you are doing wrong.

    • MABPCB says:

      Please review the MABPCB Home page for the upcoming CAC-AD Exam Prep scheduled for June 24, 2016.

    • Sharon Campbell says:

      Hi Sarah Walker, I to have worked in the field for several years, I too have failed the addiction counseling exam 3 times. My Sharon T Campbell, look me up on Facebook, We must never give up

    • Laura Sheffield says:

      Can you tell me when the next peer recovery supervisor training is being held in 2018 and how to register. Thank you!

      • MABPCB says:

        The next Registered Peer Supervisor training is scheduled for January 26, but the class is currently full. Please stay tuned for the next scheduled training.

  4. John R. Barris says:

    I need copies of my OETAS training certificates. Beginning in 1986 to 1993. I completed 460 hours of training in 1991 and was awarded a CAC in April of 1991. I applied for and received a CCDC in 2006 after not working in the field for 8 years. It lapsed in 2008. All I need are the copies of OETAS courses I completed during the above period. I have been offered employment as an
    Alcohol and Drug Trainee and I need proof of my training and education.
    1991: Maryland Addiction Counselor Board, Certified Alcoholism Counselor, Certification Number 0758
    2006: Maryland Addictions Professional Certification Board, Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor Certification Number 4175.
    Thank you in advance,
    John R. Barris

    • MABPCB says:

      John, unless you obtained a copy of your record when we made those available before closing our storage site some years ago, we may have no copies of your certificates. You may contact our administrator directly at mapcbboss@outlook.com or the Office of Workforce Development & Training (formerly OETAS) to inquire about a list of your courses.

  5. Barbara J. Montgomery
    I just visited the list of new CPRS and congratulations to all.Is there more to come for all other candidates awaiting to hear if they made it or what’s next.

  6. Marcia Lang says:

    Just found the form. Look for MAPCB Recertification Rev 2014 on Odds & Ends page.

  7. Marcia Lang says:

    I just looked at the mapcb.com page and was redirected back to the mapcb.wordpress.com page under odds and ends. Neither site has the forms. I also need assistance in recertifying.

  8. Thomas J. DeCoster says:

    I need to complete re-certification application process but am unable to find the site from which to download the application.

    Please assist.

    • mapcb says:

      Thanks for writing. You will find the recertification application at MAPCB.com on the Forms page. Please make sure you send it to the Brooklandville address found on this site.

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