How a CAC-AD becomes a CCDC…

Some of you have expressed interest in obtaining the CCDC to add to your CAC-AD so you will have reciprocity outside of Maryland. Forms mentioned are on the Certification page. Here is the simple process:

Method for a CAC-AD who took IC&RC exam obtaining the CCDC

  • Fill out 2-page application form
  • Sign CCDC code of ethical conduct
  • Fill out and have notarized the Release form
  • Send in a copy of current CAC-AD and resume
  • Pay $150 certification fee
  • If you took the NAADAC exam you will also need to take the IC&RC exam at an additional fee


MABPCB has received much communications requesting clarity regarding the CPRS re-certification.  If you are a CPRS who received initial certification in 2104, your renewal year is 2016.  If you received initial certification in 2015, your renewal date is 2017.  Please review  Credential Renewal Shedule Revised 6-2016

Please see the new CPRS page for all Peer Recovery related materials



Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor (CCDC) Application & Manual 2015            CCDC Candidate Guide 4-17

Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional CCDP Manual & Application 2016         CCDP Candidate Guide 4-17

Certified Criminal Justice Professional  CCJP Manual & Application 2016
CCJP Candidate Guide 4-17

Certified Clinical Supervisor CCS Manual & Application 2016                                                CCS Candidate Guide 4-17

49 Responses to Certification

  1. Rosalyn Fulton says:

    Hello how do you become a Peer Supervisor? Also how would I get more involved with the BOARD and it’s activities?

  2. George Forsythe says:

    Does someone need a license or certification to be a recovery coach in the State of Md?

  3. gary wilkerson says:

    I am seeking reciprocity to have my advanced certification ICAADC transferred to Md. I went in under reciprocity and saw only information on Maryland’s CCDC. I need more information.

    • MABPCB says:

      Mr. Wilkerson,

      Thank you for the inquiry! However, MABPCB does not maintain an advanced certification. Also, please be advised that in order to receive reciprocity individuals are required to commence the process with the IC&RC affiliated board in which they are presently certified. Please do not hesitate to contact our Administrator Vickie Isedore (e-mail address: mapcbboss@outlook.com) if there are any questions, thanks!

  4. Allen D Sweatt says:

    Today another potential employer told me that my certification has not been updated on this site. It is my hope that someone in this organization realizes that this could potentially be a barrier for a Peer seeking employment.

  5. Sharon Campbell says:

    I was wondering if there is anyone out there struggling with passing the CSC-AD exam? I have now taken the test 4 times and my scores are way to close to quit, well quitting is not even apart of my personality or even an option, but I am crying out for help. My contact information is 240-755 2733. If you have found yourself in the same boat or maybe just willing to help me in any way please use my number and call me. I have one more shot before I’ll have to go through the whole application process again.
    Thanks in advance
    Sharon Campbell

  6. Tammy says:

    Where is the recertification form located? I don’t see a link anywhere. Please send me the information so that I can renew. It says to go to Odds and Ends on one page for Forms and I haven’t found that either.

  7. Michele Brown says:

    I wanted to know when there will be a new listing for re-certification classes in 4 domains coming up for peer recovery specialist thanks

    Michele Brown

  8. Hello,

    I would like to get information on how to register for my ICRC examination. I have my DHMH Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists Alcohol and Drug Trainee Status and have completed all educational and work requirements.

    I would like to register for CSC-AD Examination.

    Your cooperation and specific information would be highly appreciated

    • MABPCB says:

      Please visit the certification webpage and download the CCDC Manual & Application and submit your packet with registration fees to qualify to take the examination.

  9. Carolyn Cullison says:

    I sent my fee for registering for Peer Supervisor over a year ago and STILL my name is not on your list. Can you tell me why? I was one of the first Peer Supervisors trained.

  10. Brenda Blackwell says:

    Where and When is the testing site and testing date to become a certified Recovery Coach Specialist??

    • MABPCB says:

      No such thing as a certified recovery coach specialist in MD. We have a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. You must send in a completed application to be registered for the exam. Please see the CPRS Application & Manual on the CPRS page.

  11. Percy M.Smith, Jr. says:

    Hello! I have been a certified Recovery Coach for almost a year now; however, I have completed a few workshops and a MARS Training that included Ethnic Training! My question is, with those CEU’s. Do they count towards my Specialist Certification?

  12. Joe Jones says:

    Re: CCDP – I am curious as to what becomes of the co-occurring specialty certification that was previously provided by the board. Is this still a valid certification?

  13. Andrea Landry says:

    Good Morning,

    I have all of my credentials needed to take the CPRS test. I have a question about the supervision. I’ve been supervised at my job (I work for Goodwill Industries), will my boss’s supervision count as the supervision needed for my application?

  14. Antoinette Davis says:

    I am unable to find the application for the peer Recovery Specialist

  15. Vanessa Winslow says:

    I spoke with one of the board members but I am unclear on some things. I hold a B/S in psychology, I have most of the requirements, I am lacking the family and marriage hours and I have my ethical and legal issues training from Quantum an online continuing education which is recognized by NAADA and the NBCC can this be used for my ethics hours and what if anything can be substituted for family and marriage hours. I have tried and continue to enroll in a class but have not had much success in this area. Are there any suggestions? Please help.

  16. Pingback: Maryland Endorses Co-occurring Disorders Professional credential (CCDP) | Maryland Addiction and Behavioral-health Professionals Certification Board

  17. Myra Richardson says:

    I am trying to start the Grandfathering period. Looking for what to do to get started .

  18. peeples says:

    I am wanting to obtain national certification for both the CCDC and CCS (Clinical Supervision). I currently hold state licenses in Maryland (LCPC, LCADC as well as Clinical Supervision for LGPCs and LGADCs via the MD Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists). Is my first step on this journey to obtain the CCDC via ICRC? Do I qualify based on my current state licenses?

  19. Lauren says:

    I have tried to email MAPCB on the admin@mapcb.com email account. THIS EMAIL ACCOUNT IS FULL! “The e-mail message could not be delivered because the user’s mailfolder is full.”

    I am trying to figure out my CCDC renewal fee since I received my certification mid-cycle last year.

  20. Marilyn McNally says:

    I was certified as a ccdc by Maryland for a number of years. During 2003 and 2004 I was quite sick with breast cancer and a wound infection that required numerous surgery’s. I am interested in renewing my certification again. Can this be done without completing the entire process again?

    • mapcb says:

      Marilyn, sorry to hear that you went through so much pain years ago. I am glad you now feel well enough to continue in the profession. Since it has been 10 years since you last held the credential, you would need to reapply. However, since you were once a CCDC we will waive the exam. Do you have a copy of your old CCDC or remember your certification number? You can find the CCDC application on the Certification page of this website.

  21. Tom says:

    I have the CCDP ( since 2013 ) and CCDC ( 1995) CAC (1984 expired) and State cert. CAC-AD (2002 ) If I am to send my CAC-AD with fee for renewal of the CCDC I’ll have to send current my
    ( active) CAC-AD until my new CAC-AD is effective be on January 31, 2014

    • mapcb says:

      That is correct. Send a copy of what is current. Please keep in mind that the two-year recertification process is now in effect so the cost is $150.

  22. Jim Quinn says:

    I renewed my certification in April, 2013 but it expires Jan. 1, 2014. How much do I pay for my
    renewal that is effective Jan. 1, 2014? ( I paid the $75 fee in April 2013). How many CEU’s do
    I need between April – Dec. 2113 when I recertify?

    • mapcb says:

      I don’t know how that happened. We are on a new recertification schedule, so your new certification date is July 1, 2014. All credentials are now on a two (2) year cycle, so you would pay $150 ($100 for any CCS you hold) and would submit 40 CEUs (the 20 from last year plus the current year’s 20). That’s what I just did. Make sure you have 6 hours in ethics. If you have a CCS, those 6 hours may be part of the general renewal CEUs. If you have any other questions just let us know.

  23. Terrence C. says:

    So what you’re saying is that he/she does not need experience in training(Waived until Dec 2015) but he/she needs the course. Next question: Can you take the supervisor’s course without being certified? What happens when no one where you work is certified?

    • mapcb says:

      Experience as a peer supervisor is waived, not training. That’s what the manual says. The definition for a supervisor is clear. The state and the Board’s preference is that whoever takes the training is already working as a peer and also mentoring other peers. Definition is per organization or agency. At this point in time, no one holds the CPRS so no one is certified. Some may hold certificates. If you do not have a qualified supervisor at your organization, get on the listserv or contact someone at an organization like MROC or On Our Own who can provide off-site supervision to qualify you for the credential. As was stated in a different note, MAPCB is looking into bolstering the training with other dates to compensate for the sparse trainings. A footnote to that, however, is that not everyone who signed up for these free trainings attended, leaving many people on waiting lists and vacant chairs in classrooms. Trainings given by MAPCB will be at a nominal fee as we have no grants to cover expenses.

      • Terrence C. says:

        Question: I just completed the 50 hour online Peer Support Specialist/Recovery Coach course offered by parfessionals. Can I use this course as meeting some of the requirements for certification?

  24. Terrence C. says:

    Question regarding Peer Support credential.On the application it states that Supervisors must have two (2) years’ experience supervising peer recovery specialists in the behavioral
    health and/or recovery and crisis support field. This requirement will be waived until December 31,
     Supervision must be provided by an individual who has completed 6 hours of pre-approved Peer Recovery Specialist Supervisor Training.

    Please clarify. If the requirement for supervisors having 2 years experience supervising Peer Recovery Specialists is waived until Dec 2015, is the completion of the 6-hour training course being waived also? You can’t have the training experience without the class that provides instruction on how to supervise peer recovery specialists in order to obtain the experience.

    Please clarify. I have the required education in each competency, and the clock (Work and Domain) hours for certification, and recovery time. Not clear on the part listed above. Thank you.

    • mapcb says:

      One training has already occurred. Another one will be held in early 2014. MAPCB is looking in to giving other trainings to support the requirements as the grandfathering period approaches. Please see the training list document on the Certification page of this website for instructions on how to stay abreast of future trainings.

      • Terrence Coger says:

        My question was not answered. If the supervisor who has to sign off on the applicationis not required to have the 2 years experience until after Dec 31,2015, does he need the 6-hoursupervision course also. I can’t see one being needed with the other. Please advise.

        Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2013 18:49:59 +0000
        To: terry101359@hotmail.com

      • mapcb says:

        The Manual is clear. The 6 hour training is required. This decision was made at the State level.

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