Ethics for Addiction Counselors

MABPCB will hold an ethics course that covers the revised IC&RC addiction counselor ethics domain. Date is June 5, 2015 in Baltimore, MD at the Penn North Community Resource Center. Cost is $75 in advance and $80 at door. Facilitator is Dr. Almustaphael Al Kahlil-Bey. Please see the following flyer for more information and registration instructions: Ethics for Addiction Counselors 6-5-15.

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Ethics for Peer Recovery Specialists

MABPCB will hold an ethics course that covers the CPRS ethics domain. Date is May 29, 2015 in Baltimore, MD at the Penn North Community Resource Center. Cost is $60 in advance and $65 at door. Facilitator is Denise Camp. Please see the following flyer for more information and registration instructions: Ethics for Peers 5-29-15.

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Co-occurring Disorders Professional Credential (CCDP) Renewal

If you hold the CCDP credential, your certification period is fast approaching. Current certification expires June 30, 2015. In order to recertify, you need to complete the recertification form on the certification page, send in proof of 40 hours co-occurring specific training in the last two years, 6 hours of which is in counselor specific ethics, sign the ethics statement, and pay the $150 recertification fee. For further information, please refer to the CCDP manual. You may also contact the board at or 866-537-5340.

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NAMI is offering a free Peer-to-Peer course for individuals living with serious mental illness, here is the link:  Peer 2 Peer 10-wk. Course

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The On Our Own of Maryland WRAP Outreach Project “WRAP Facilitator Training” on June 15-19, 2015.  This training will be with the experienced staff from Copeland Center and will educate on becoming an effective WRAP Group Facilitator and Presenter.  This training is for individuals interested in leading WRAP groups, assisting others to develop WRAP groups.  Please review this brochure for additional information:  JUNE 15-19 2015 5-DAY WRAP BROCHURE.  If interested, complete this application: APPLICATION FOR 5-DAY JUNE 15-19 2015.

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Addiction versus Peer Credential

Several people have written in recently inquiring about the state’s peer recovery specialist credential, but then go on to ask how their addiction- or psychology-specific training can fit into the credential requirements. The truth is, they can’t, except for some hours in ethics. The credential is designed to support peer recovery standards found in the current literature (William White, SAMHSA, iNAPS, etc.) and not any other discipline.

I believe one reason that is happening is well-meaning people are directing these others toward the peer credential because it may be more attainable for them. The peer recovery specialist credential is not an “easy A” credential and should not be looked at this way. It is by far not that easy to obtain and does require some hard work for those who strive for it. It is also insulting for those who hold it to insinuate that they are less intelligent or industrious than those who strive for another discipline. Far from it. When the CPRS was first introduced several social workers and addiction counselors wanted to know how to receive the credential. They saw it as something worthwhile to supplement their practice. Many of these did go on to become peer supervisors because of their interest in and knowledge of the work.

To those who are accumulating credit hours in addiction or another discipline, I say go on and get a credential in that area. You will still help people, if that’s why you chose that career path in the first place. If you sincerely want to be a peer recovery specialist, take the class work and get the experience that sets the CPRS holder apart from every other discipline.

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New Job Listed

There is a new job listed for an outpatient therapist in the Montgomery County area. See the Jobs page for more information.

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2nd Annual CHEP Addictions Conference

The Chesapeake Health Education Program is sponsoring their 2nd Annual Addictions Conference on May 7 – 8, 2015.  This event will provide in-depth information on the Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Management of addiction.  Please review this flyer to register:  CHEP Addictions Conference Flyer

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Stigma and Co-Occurring Disorders

MABPCB is presenting a seminar on Stigma and Co-Occurring Disorders on March 27, 2015 at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center in Montgomery County. This course will examine types and causes of stigma, and how marginalized populations can best be served in the treatment arena. This is a course for counselors, co-occurring disorders professionals, and peer recovery specialists. Those in other disciplines are welcome to attend. CEUs are provided for those certified/licensed under BOPCT or MABPCB and for peer recovery specialists in Advocacy and Recovery/Wellness Support. CEUs in other disciplines may be applied per board. Cost is $75 if paid in advance or $80 at the door. Further information can be found here: 3-27-15 Flyer Stigma & COD. You may reserve your seat at

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Training for Revised CAC Exam

MABPCB will present testing training on Saturday, March 21 at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center for all preparing to take the IC&RC exam for CAC-AD, CSC-AD, or CCDC. This is the first training under the revised domains that became effective on February 16, 2015. Cost is $60. You may reserve your seat by emailing the Board at Flyer and registration form may be found here: Testing Training flyer 3-21-15.

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