Peer Recovery


NEW CPRS Application Manual Revised 2020 – Fillable


CPRS seeking RE-CERTIFICATION  are required to participate in a 6 hour or greater TRAINING CLASS for  ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY 

CPRS RE-Cert Application – Fillable

New CPRS Study Guide

This free guide comes from Rhode Island and is endorsed by the IC&RC for exam prep. Please click on the following link to download it:

Click to access Peer_Study_Guide.pdf

CPRS Candidate Guide 4-17

RPS Application 

Registered Peer Supervisor (RPS) Application

Effective July 1, 2017, all Peer Supervisors are required to meet the new MABPCB Guidelines to become a Registered Peer Supervisor. Please review the new guidelines carefully before submitting your application


Peer Supervision Hours Log

Effective July 1, 2019, this form will be required with all CPRS Applications.  

 PRS Supervisor Log

MABPCB APPROVED TRAINING PROVIDER If your organization desires to provide ongoing training, please complete the following application to become a MABPCB approved training provider. Educational Provider Application

Introducing the i-FPRS Endorsement Application  i-FPRS Endorsement Application


      CPRS LIST 11.24.2021 Updated 11/23/2021

    RPS MEMBER ROSTER – November 2021  Updated 11/24/2021

 RPS MEMBER ROSTER-Employers September 2021

MABPCB Ethics Policy & Procedure for CPRS
MABPCB Information Sheet


Integrated Forensic Peer Recovery Specialist (i-FPRS) endorsement training provides educational support for the Certified Peer Recovery Specialist seeking knowledge, skills, and abilities in assisting individuals who have been involved with the criminal justice system. You must currently hold a CPRS certification to participate in this endorsement training. There are no CEU’s given for his endorsement training.

162 Responses to Peer Recovery

  1. Donna Bruce says:

    Sending all my Peers prosperity and success in this new year of 2022!!! Let’s continue on this journey of helping others in becoming great!!

  2. Hi I’m Interested in peer Recovery training

  3. David Wilton says:

    I am moving from Oregon and have a CRM (Certified Recovery Mentor) Certification, which to my knowledge seems like the equivalent certification. Is there any reciprocity between states?

    • MABPCB says:

      Mr. Walton, the Maryland CPRS is an IC&RC certification. If your certification is offered through an IC&RC Board affiliate in Oregon, you may be eligible for reciprocity. Please check with your current certification Board to identify if they are an IC&RC affiliate.

    • MABPCB says:

      If you current certification is an IC&RC certification for the state of Oregon, you can begin the process of reciprocity within your current state and they will contact Maryland on your behalf.

  4. brookelhjohnson says:

    I would like to get my Initial Peer Recovery Specialist Certification but it appears that it is combined with the re-certification; am I correct? If not, where can I access the Initial Peer Recovery Specialist Certification Application and dates of training?

  5. Kate says:

    Hi, I’m incredibly interested in becoming a Recovery Peer Specialist but saw that I just missed the last Information Session that you guys had on January 16th. Will there be another Info Session that I can sign up for any time soon? And if so, where/how can I sign up? Thank you so much and hope to hear back soon.

  6. Dennis Bell says:

    I have over 30 plus year’s working with at-risk youth and 20 plus year’s working with adults with developmental disability and have been working with recovering adolescence and adults for 30 plus year’s I’m now working full-time at a recovery Center and looking to receive my PEER RECOVERY SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION do they have and affordable program other then what’s offered????

    • MABPCB says:

      Some jurisdictions provider grant funded courses that are no cost to the participants. During the pandemic, there are several organization that have opened their trainings to individuals outside of their immediate jurisdictions.

  7. Cathy Laird says:

    Do the Certificates expire

    • MABPCB says:

      Individuals seeking initial certification can utilize certificates for 10 years. Individuals seeking re-certification can only use certificate from courses taken during the 2 year certification period.

  8. Catina Carnell says:

    Hello I am interested in becoming a CPRS. I would like to start training and or classes. How do I do that? I have looked on several different websites. I have downloaded the manual for PRS and guidelines. Incan not find the website to start training courses online. Can you please help me and guide me to correct place to start the training courses.

    • MABPCB says:

      Greetings, There is not website to take online classes to become a CPRS. You can contact Office of Consumer Affairs to be added to the Peer Listserv to be notified of upcoming trainings and visit our Peer Recovery Page for all upcoming training course.

      • Hi! I also want to get certified and work as a peer recovery specialist, and want to work with hospitals, support groups/mental health centers and police departments. Please let me know about upcoming trainings!

        Cali Elizabeth (Rebecca) Sylvers

      • MABPCB says:

        Thank you for your interest in becoming a Peer in Maryland. Please register for the Information Session being held on January 16, 2021 at 10am.

  9. Patricia Pleasanton says:

    I’m trying to find in person training in or near Caroline county eastern shore of Maryland (near Denton) I’m currently working in peer support with transitional housing. I need to take the course. Ilive in Delaware and they won’t let me train because I work in Maryland. I just want to start with basic course.

    • MABPCB says:

      You may want to check with the Health Department in your jurisdiction to identify any local trainers for the Peer Credential. You can also ask to be added to the Peer Listserv to be notified of all upcoming trainings. As many are being conducted virtually, this may be a better means of starting your process.

  10. MABPCB says:

    At this time, I am unaware of any specific training programs being conducted in your jurisdiction. During the pandemic, many trainings are being offered virtually. You may be able to participate in several trainings at this time that are offered outside of your immediate jurisdiction. It is also suggested to reach out to the Health Department in your jurisdiction which may be able to point you in the direction of trainings being held locally.

  11. evansme1 says:

    Looking for training program for Peer Support in Tri county/ Southern Maryland area, much like Voices of Hope has in the Northern part of the state, doesn’t seen to me that their is any interest in treatment or education for those in the addiction field, when I search the internet all if not most resources are in Baltimore or north, can someone contact me about any on the job training programs in Calvert, St Marys or Charles county for the Peer support Specialist, and if the administrator of this site can call me to answer why my post from Friday was remove.

    • MABPCB says:

      You may want to check with the Health Department in your jurisdiction to identify any local trainers for the Peer Credential. You can also contact to be added to the Peer Listserv to be notified of all upcoming trainings. As many are being conducted virtually, this may be a better means of starting your process.

  12. Michelle Mariner says:

    The application states that your RPS needs to submit a copy of their RPS certification with the applying peer’s application. Is there a way the RPS can request a copy of their certification if it can’t be found or do they have access to it online?

    • MABPCB says:

      In order for the RPS to request a copy of the RPS certificate, they are required to contact the Board directly to obtain and official copy of the certificate.

  13. Rebecca Rigney says:

    How will I know when my application has been approved so I can sign up to take the exam? My check has been processed and I received an email July 4th stating my application was received. Will I get another email with a time and date for testing?

    • MABPCB says:

      Upon completion of the review of all applications, the applicant is notified by email of the approval of the application and the eligibility requirements for scheduling the test.

  14. Analyn Leonardo says:


    when is the next training schedule this year? what about online?

  15. Jesse Waterman says:

    Is there a code of ethics in Maryland for peer support specialists?

    • MABPCB says:

      Mr. Waterman, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist are governed by a code of ethics identified as Guiding Principles in the State of Maryland.

  16. Kelly McColligan says:

    Do you think it would be possible to offer a 6 hour ethics training course virtually/online any time soon as so many need ethics and so many are home during this pandemic? I need a 6 hour ethics for re-certification and also know that was the hardest to complete the first time I became certified as well.

    • MABPCB says:

      MABPCB and all Organizational Providers will be offering trainings for all specific domains. Please check the MABPCB webpage and check with the Office of Consumer Affairs.

  17. zanada moses says:

    Hello I would like to become a peer recovery specialist ad I would like to knw where to begin

  18. Patricia Smith says:

    I took the I-FPRS Training Course and did not receive a Certificate and I am also not listed on the Roster showing certified as one. I have also asked for a copy of my CPRS Renewed Cert. Will someone please help me. I have asked many people withing the MABPCB and still no assistance.

  19. Can you clarify on the Ethics requirement for re-certification? Is it 6 credits in ethics or does it need to be a specific ethics class? Will you be offering more ethics trainings for re-certification? Thanks.

    • MABPCB says:

      For Re-Certification, a CPRS must participate in an Ethical Responsibility class providing ethical CEU’s ONLY. The class must be at least 6 credit hours.

  20. Donna Bruce says:

    To the entire Board of Maryland Addiction & Behavioral-Health, Thanks for paving the way for careers that we all can use our lived experiences to help others and make make impact in their lives!!Thanks again and its an honor to be in service and apart of a massive movement that is changing lives!!!

  21. I have almost 60 hours of total Relias Trainings of different variety. How do I find out which courses will count towards my hours, as well as which domain the course falls under? I see Relias is approved but I am unable to find out what is approved and what they can be used for.

    • MABPCB says:

      The online training through Relias are good for re-certification, because they do not identify domains. Peers are only eligible to submit 2.5 hours of online training for re-certification and 5 hours for initial certification.

  22. Andrea Landry-brown says:

    I have 3.25 CEU’s for the DLA-20 training and another 11 hrs CEU’s for the NAMI conference in 2018. These hours have no domain specifications. I taught a total of 3 Peer to Peer courses between 2018 & 2019. Do any of those CEU’s go toward ethics?

  23. astalnaker87 says:

    Can you do any online training’s when getting your certification?

  24. Hi, I am looking to find out when there are CPRS/CCAR trainings. I really want to go to ones about ethics and spirituality. My name is Rebecca/Cali. Please email me to let me know when trainings will be happening. I am currently in a volunteer position facilitating an art wellness group. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

  25. I need to know how to document my in-service hours that I would like to count towards my 46 Training hours. I can I can have up to 12 and i really only need 1.75 to be able to turn in my application. We just aren’t sure how to document that in the application as it has no instructions.
    Thank you!

  26. namastephie says:

    I only need 1.25 hours in mentoring and education to apply for the prss exam. There are NO upcoming trainings. I did recovery coach, ethics, professionalism, spirituality, mental health first aid, the Magellan’s and WRAP. I have my supervision hours and my 500 hours. I am also a registered peer supervisor. What can I do? I have 20 to 30 hours in every domain but mentoring and education and I am stumped. Searched every training. Do I just have to wait another year?

    • MABPCB says:

      Peer are able to have their agency provide inservice hours for up to 12 CEU’s. You can have your supervisor conduct an in-service for the 1.25 hours in Mentoring/Education. Please refer to the CPRS application manual for more details.

  27. LINDA WILLIAMS says:


  28. Charlie Bayne says:

    I am seeking employment as a Peer Recovery coach.
    Charlie Bayne

  29. astalnaker87 says:

    Is there any other study guide for the CPRS than the Rhode Island study guide

  30. Stacy says:

    If I am ready to apply to be a CPRS do I need the supervision hours log? It says it’s effective July 1, 2019.

  31. Dalton Kane says:

    I’m having trouble understanding your website, I am trying to find a new career being a peer recovery specialist and I would like some help getting started please. I understand all of the information I need is on this website I’m just having trouble understanding it

  32. Rachael Lynn DeLeon says:

    Is there currently a Forensic Peer Specialist training?

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