New CPRS Study Guide

This free guide comes from Rhode Island and is endorsed by the IC&RC for exam prep. Please click on the following link to download it:



Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Manual Application Rev Jan 2016                                CPRS Candidate Guide

CPRS RENEWAL                                                                                                                     The wait is over…the Re-Certification application has been completed.  Please complete and submit as required. MABPCB Peer Re-Certification Application

Registered Peer Supervisor Application

MABPCB APPROVED TRAINING PROVIDER                                                                 If your organization desires to provide ongoing training, please complete the following application to become a MABPCB approved training provider. Educational Provider Application


MABPCB is hosting its next CRPS Exam Prep Class on Friday, April 7, 2017 at the Baltimore Recovery Corps @ the Penn-North Resource Center located at       1610 N. Carey St.  If you are interested in attending, please click the link: CPRS Exam Prep Class 4-2017

BHA LISTENING SESSIONS – Please join us for Peer Listening Session #3, April 18, 2017, 9a-12p at Penn North Community Resource Center in Baltimore, MD.  Dr. Bazron would like to hear your thoughts and views concerning the current status of peer support and how we can move forward to expand peer services in Maryland.  Letter of Invitation Listening Session _3

BHA is offering AVATAR workshops. Please see the link below BHA AVATAR Calendar

SAMHSA Webinar – Peer support services are evidence-based practices that produce demonstrable outcomes with those who are served. Peer support workers use their lived experience and specialized training to guide, support, and educate people in or seeking recovery. While peer support services have expanded greatly, there still are significant knowledge gaps among policy makers, providers and others regarding their efficacy.  REGISTER HERE

If you are in need of additional Domain training hours, Magellen Health offers 1 hour Peer trainings that are approved MABPCB.  Click on the link and follow the instructions.   Magellan Health | Continuing Education

Additional Peer Trainings can be found on the BHA – Office of Workforce Development website. Here is the link: http://bha.dhmh.maryland.gov/Pages/Peer-Training-Information.aspx

CPRS & Approved Peer Supervisor Rosters 2017


RPS Members – April 2017

RPS Members Roster – Employers April 2017

MABPCB Approved Peer Supervisor May 2016


MABPCB Approved Trainings 1

NAMI Pre-Approved Training for CPRS Domains

The following two links will take you to pre-approved trainings for the CPRS credential. Other trainings may be found on the Training page.

Magellan Health offers several MABPCB approved trainings.  Please click on the following website for additional 1 hour trainings. Magellan Health | Continuing Education


Bon Secours Hospital has a Community Support Specialist position  http://careers.bonsecours.com/job/6876652/community-support-specialist-baltimore-md/

Forensic Peer Support–Frederick County Health Department  – The Frederick County Health Department is seeking a full-time staff to work directly with the Frederick Police Department to provide Forensic Peer Support.  Applicants in long term recovery from a substance use disorder and have a familiarity with treatment and recovery resources in this region are strongly encouraged to apply.  Some evening and weekend hours are required.  Applicants must seek the Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Credential within one year of employment. Apply on MD State Jobs. https://www.jobaps.com/MD/sup/bulpreview.asp?R1=16&R2=000206&R3=0016  https://www.jobaps.com/MD/sup/bulpreview.asp?R1=16&R2=002722&R3=0051

Bel Air Sober Living is looking for a second House Manager for their house.  This is a single family house which will have 8-10 beds.  If you are interested please contact Casey Kerr at belairsoberliving@gmail.com


MABPCB Ethics Policy & Procedure for CPRS

MABPCB Information Sheet



Integrated Forensic Peer Recovery Specialist (i-FPRS) endorsement training provides educational support for the Certified Peer Recovery Specialist seeking knowledge, skills, and abilities in assisting individuals who have been involved with the criminal justice system. You must currently hold a CPRS certification to participate in this endorsement training.  There are no CEU’s given for his endorsement training.

In order to obtain Re-Certification check out the Domain Trainings locations listed below: Re-Certification Domain Trainings

83 Responses to CPRS

  1. Korey Shorb says:

    I am trying to email admin@mapcb.com but it keeps getting kicked back. I need to see what I am missing to apply for my CPRS. I just want to make sure we are on the same page?

  2. Shaun says:

    Does the upcoming “Recovery LIVE! Communicating the Value of Peer Supports” webinar provide any CEU’s for the recertification hours.

  3. Karen haber-Miller says:

    Can you tell me if there is a study guide I can get for the CPRS test please?

  4. Christine Marshall says:

    I have the CCAR and WRAP trainings and an AA degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling. I just need to know what other trainings I need before I can take the peer certification test.

    • MABPCB says:

      Ms. Marshall, you need a total of 46 Domain training hours. Please review the CPRS Application Manual to learn the breakdown of hours based on the trainings you have taken thus far.

  5. Shaun says:

    I am a current CPRS. I was credentialed May 2015. I have been trying to get into an ethics recertification training for some time now( coming up on a year). It is what I need to finish my 20 hours of training for recertification. When will my current CPRS certification expire? Will there be more trainings offered this spring for recertification?
    Thank You for your time.

    • MABPCB says:

      Greetings the Baltimore Recovery Corps at Penn North offers the CCAR 12 hour Ethics course.

      • Shaun says:

        I see the course you mention but it wouldn’t be in time for my credential expiration. Are there any other courses available. I need 6 hours in ethics.

      • Shaun says:

        I was able to do some e trainings on the Magellan Site. My question is what domain each falls under. “Peer Spec 101: Research, Core Competencies and Ethics”; “The 5 Stages in Recovery and the Role of Peer Specialists”; “Using your Recovery Story”; “Effective Supervision of Peer Specialists”. Just wondered. I need ethics. Thank You

      • MABPCB says:

        Please review the Approved Peer trainings page of the Peer application to identify which Magellan training falls into each Domain.

  6. AMichele says:

    Good afternoon,
    I tried to email using the address above but it was returned to me. I am interested in becoming a CPRS. I have a background in addictions counseling and a degree in behavioral science. Could any of my courses be accepted in the domains and how do i find that out? These are the classes that may be accepted and are related to the field:

    Intro to Family Counseling
    Group Dynamics
    Social Problems
    Intro Criminal Justice
    Addiction Treatment Delivery
    Physiological Aspects of Chemical Dependency
    Alcoh/Drug Counseling:Co-occuring Disorders
    Human Services Ethics in Practice
    Intro to Abnormal Psychology & Psychology

    I also have done the mental health first aid certification, but it was 3 years go with company I used to work for in the addictions field. Would that be accepted or is there an expiration date? Do you have dates for any of the upcoming week long trainings? Thank you!

    • MABPCB says:

      Greetings, because the Peer Recovery Specialist is a non-clinical service, the classes you have listed are all clinical based courses and are not eligible for CPRS. However, all of these classes can be used for an Addiction Counseling Certification.

  7. Jennifer McCready says:

    I have completed several trainings that are relateable to becoming a certified peer support specialist. How or whom should I submit them to in order to see if they can be approved.

    • MABPCB says:

      Ms. McCready, you would be required to submit the training curriculum/outline to the Board with a payment of $5, per training hour in order to review each training to determine if they qualify for approval.

    • MABPCB says:

      If the trainings you have listed have not been approved by MABPCB, you may submit them for review and approval at cost.

  8. Allen D Sweatt says:

    Is it possible to have my expiration date changed on the MAPCB website, I have paid my money, received my re-certification and have been told by a potential employer that I am not certified. Can this be rectified?

  9. Shaun Barnes says:

    Is it possible for someone to attend a recertification training to satisfy the requirement of the 16 hours of ethics, required for the initial application of CPRS.

    • Denise Camp says:

      No, recertification courses are for those who are already certified. Recertification courses do not count toward the initial 46 hour CEU requirement.

    • MABPCB says:

      Unfortunately, the recertification training are for individuals who have already been approved for CPRS status.

      • Michele Brown says:

        I sent an email before but no response. I get a response saying you email address is invalad. My question is I had taken a harm reduction training at the BOSTON given by the harm reduction coalition. On the certificate it says I have 6 CEUs. Our hosts at the BHS said that the hours are good to satisfy the hours required by the certification board for Peers. Can you tell me under what domain it would go under. I assume it would be advocacy but I just want to be sure.

      • MABPCB says:

        Ms. Brown, those hours have been approved for Advocacy.

      • Michele Brown says:

        That is The BHS not Boston.

  10. Shaun Barnes says:

    When will the next 6 hour Supervisor training be held. Just wondering as I have been looking for a while. Thanks!!

    • Nate Thomas says:

      I’ve been looking for the Supervisor training as well. I was told to check this website daily.

      • MABPCB says:

        There are new regulations for the Supervisor trainings, which will be in effect July, 2017. The next trainings will be scheduled in the coming months.

  11. Randall Winebrenner says:

    What category does 1.5 CE Clock Hours Appropriate Use of Psychotropic Drugs in Children & Adolescents, offered by Magellan, count towards. I need 1.5 hours in Advocacy.

    • MABPCB says:

      Randall, this training is not approved as a Certified Peer training. You could participate in the CPRS Exam Prep class which provides you with one (1) hour in each of the four Domains and the 1 hour “Peer Support E-Course 3: Using Your Recovery Story” from Magellan Health. These two training’s will provide you the required 1.5 hours you are seeking.

  12. Karen says:

    What trainings do I need for the supervisor role as a CPRS.What are the names Of trainings

    • MABPCB says:

      Ms. Haber,

      Thank you for your inquiry! The required training is 6-hrs. of “Peer Supervisor Training”, thanks you!

    • MABPCB says:

      Karen, you are required to first obtain your CPRS status. Next you have to be supervising Peers at your agency for a period of at least 1 year and work under a Registered Peer Supervisor at your agency. This will qualify you to take the 6 hour Supervisor course.

  13. Michele Brown says:

    Good morning I was looking for the number of hours needed in each domain for recertification but can’t seem to find it could you help.

  14. Nicole (Nikki) Smith says:

    Hello, I have a question specific to pages 17, 18 and 19 of the MABCPB application for CPRS (Jan 2016 version).

    **The 1st set of instructions on page 17 read as follows:
    “Please list the name, address and phone number of the sponsor, counselor, spiritual advisor/mentor or accountability partner to whom you have given evaluation forms. Both evaluation forms should be completed.”

    **The 2nd set of instructions on page 17 read as follows:
    “Please list the names of two professional references to who you have given evaluation forms. These should be people, other than sponsors, friends in recovery or family members, who know you professionally and can attest to your support skills.”

    In reading these two sets of instructions, that apply to pages 18 & 19, my understanding of these instructions is I am to give BOTH pages (18 & 19) to a sponsor, counselor, spiritual advisor/mentor or accountability partner while only give page 19 to my two professional references. Is this the correct procedure for pages 18 & 19, or am I to give BOTH pages to all three of my references? Thank you in advance for your time.
    Nicole (Nikki) Smith

    • MABPCB says:

      Hello Ms. Smith,

      Thanks for your inquiry! Please be advised that both evaluation forms are required from all evaluators, thank you!

      • Nicole (Nikki) Smith says:

        Thank you very much for your quick response! This will save me time and effort as I proceed with my application process. Sincerely, Nikki Smith

  15. Kevin L. Harrison says:

    Since the Ethics training has been cancelled twice now, can you suggest an alternative way prospective Peers can obtain these CEU’s? The upcoming training by BHA has already sold out.

  16. Kevin L. Harrison says:

    I would like to ask if the CEU’s for the Co-occurring Disorders Training are applicable for a person seeking to acquire CPRS?

  17. Shaun Barnes says:

    I am a current holder of the CPRS certification. I am trying to find upcoming recertification trainings. Will there be any available in the near future?

    • MABPCB says:

      Please continue to review the CPRS page under the subheading – UPCOMING TRAININGS for re-certification training class. Also keep in mind that any Peer training approved by MABPCB that you have not engaged in previously can be utilized for re-certification.

  18. Hope Johnson says:

    Hello my name is Hope Johnson. I would like to register for the 1st Aid and Mental Health class held on May 5, 2016 please contact me at 240-815-2144

  19. kyndl1969 says:

    Good evening, what is the deadline for submitting the CPRS recertification application?

  20. Miriam Yarmolinsky says:

    Katie, SMART Recovery (Self Management and Recovery Training) is an excellent support group, and the facilitation training is spot on! Hope you reference it in your application! 🙂 For anyone curious about smart, see http://www.smartecovery.org Lots of great resources there!

  21. Paddy Carrick says:

    Please register me for the Re-certification training in Ethics to be held in Hagerstown, Md on 4-1-16. Thanks, Paddy Carrick

  22. Katie Carroll says:

    Smart recovery facilitator training is no longer listed as an approved training when did that change? I started the training mid January and I do not see it listed now?

    • MABPCB says:

      Katie, the SMART training was removed from the grid because no one has ever referenced it in the CPRS application. It was never a core training. Someone that has taken it can still get educational credit for it.

  23. Norman says:

    How do I apply to the CPRS peer support program?

  24. Can you let us know where Certified Peer Recovery Specialists can find information and requirements for CEU’s and recertification in 2016? Thanks!

  25. Pat says:

    Can you identify who is offering the six hours for supervisors and clarify if supervisor must also be Certified peer specialist?

    • MABPCB says:

      Greetings Pat, the next Peer Supervisor training will be offered by the University of Maryland, on February 22, 2016. The Supervisors does not have to be a CPRS, however, must hold an Approved Supervisors certification/licensure if not a Peer. A Peer who is seeking a CPRS certification can be referred by an Approved Supervisor to participate in the Supervisor training.

  26. Christine Haden says:

    Hi ! I am interested in becoming Certified in the state of Maryland. I have completed the Recovery Coach Academy. I would to know exactly what other course are available. Thank you for your time.

    Christine Haden 240-793-1085

    • MABPCB says:

      Christine, please review the website for additional upcoming trainings. In order to qualify for a CPRS certification, 46 hours of training are required. Please review the MABPCB Approved Peer trainings for the number of hours needed in each domain.

  27. Kendall Pryor says:

    I’m diligently trying to register for the upcoming trainings for CPRS and can’t find the appropriate link. Can you please provide me with this information? Thank you!

  28. can someone get back to me is there a training In Baltimore City Per cover specialist so that I can get a certificate and do you guys know any time

  29. is there a phone number to register for classto get a certificate Per specialist is the Traaing offered in the city

    • MAPCB says:


      CPRS-related trainings are offered by various organizations year round. If you go to the CPRS page you can look at the pre-approved trainings offered. Also, new trainings will be posted on the home page) as they arrive. The upcoming Ethics and Supervision courses (Nov 7 & 14 respectively) are also for peer support specialists. Peer support specialists who have open applications with MABPCB will pay the student rate of $60 for each of these two courses. One of the better ways to be immediately notified of updates is to Like us on Facebook (see link on bottom right of home page).

  30. Heather Coates says:

    Who should I speak to about seeing if a specific training will count toward re-certification?

  31. Vickie Isedore says:

    The college transcript may be sent in lieu of the high school transcript.

  32. Is it possible to submit a college transcript in place of a High School Transcript if you are having difficulty obtaining that before the deadline? Any info appreciated. Thanks.

  33. shirazeh tabibi says:

    i meant a letter letter. I’m also sending my notarized release and $50 grandfathering payment,

  34. shirazeh tabibi says:

    i want to write a note concerning a few things to MAPCB- to whom shall I address it?

  35. Tiffinee Scott says:

    Good Day,
    How long does an application process take after submission?
    Thank You Tiffinee

  36. NAMI’s pre-approved trainings is curiously missing NAMI Connection support group facilitation as one of the CPRS domains. Think I’ll write Kate Farinholt as to that omission. Also odd that Hearts and Minds has no wellness/recovery support component… shouldn’t it?


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